• VGaze Real Estate Virtual Reality

  • There is an immense scope of work with Virtual Reality Technology. Real Estate sector has been one of the primary fields who have adapted to this technology. For real estate, virtual reality means that their potential buyers can view a property, touring and experiencing rooms in 360°and getting a realistic sense of the size and spaces even though the property hasn't even been built yet.

    Virtual Reality can definitely boost the creditability of a project with potential tech-savy clients as well gives an experience to others for the first time of such a disruptive technology.“I think the people of India do not quite actually recognise the speed of technological advancements are increasing."” said Crescans Master, chief executive and founder of VGaze Technologies, which develops virtual-reality software and 3-D modelling, including products of virtual reality and others. “ It is obvious that we are about to notice more and more virtual tours in these coming years.

    Importantly, for a commercial developer who builds demo houses costing hundreds of thousands of rupees, a virtual-reality tour is relatively cheap. Costs run from as low as 25,000 INR to 2.5 lakh INR, depending on the total size of the project, Crescans Master said.

    The best part of virtual tours is that devices through which you can access these custom built applications would be soon in the main stream markets and will be widely available in each house. The mobile-compatible versions such as google cardboard, VGVR unofficial cardboard and others can further maximise the scope of reach for real estate developers providing them with bigger audience to showcase their products.

    Virtual reality definitely offers a lot of exciting opportunities within the real estate industry for both agents and developers respectively and without a doubt will revolutionise the future of real estate marketing.