VGVR Story Telling

Changing the way we are perceiving media so far. It's been said that a human brain remembers 10% of what he see's, 20% of what he hears but 80% of what he participates in. VGVR Story telling allows the user to be a part of the story. All the action surrounds the user in 360 degrees.

“It takes you to places you could have never dreamed existed and you have a vivid feeling of actually being there. It’s an experience you don’t forget”

We believe in fully immersive storytelling, where the viewer no longer watches a story unfold on a television screen but is instead placed inside the scene with action taking place all around them.
Our vision is to create the most compelling virtual reality narrative experiences in the world. In “The First Mountain,” a film by editor and director VGaze Technologies, the viewer is introduced to a 360 degree environment of virtual reality.
Our first experience, narrated by Crescans Master, takes you on a journey from the very beginning of storytelling on planet earth, to the ancient world's of events and stories. We re-bring the famous stories to you with a 360 degree virtual experience.